Geoffrey Paul Carpenter

International Teacher and Author


Welcome to my website. is a place for me to share my creative writing, my academic publications, and my observations on the art of teaching. While teaching composition, epistemology, and film to my students, I have always practiced the craft of writing myself, publishing and sharing work as a way to model a commitment to lifelong learning and intellectual exploration.  

Pilgrim of the Sublime:  Taylor Moreland, son of a toughened and earth-bound farmer, longs to be a painter. In part to escape his father's expectations, Taylor travels to the Equatorial Andes in search of some of the vistas represented in the paintings of Frederic Church, one of America's greatest landscape artists. Traveling up the Amazon River and its tributaries, Moreland encounters bandits and hedonists, farmers and philosophers. Interspersed with this adventure is the story of Moreland's love affair with Quinn Yarbrough, a Harvard Divinity School student on her own parallel quest for spiritual fulfillment. Ultimately, both set out to re-confirm their faith in Beauty.

International teaching experience: full time since 1997. 

Commitment to best practices, including one-to-one IT integration, standards-based assessment, and student-centered classroom instruction. 

IB and AP experience: IB Coordinator, multiple workshops in both IB and AP courses including TOK. 


Teaching Philosophy

Pilgrim of the Sublime. Philadelphia: Xlibris Press, 2005.

John Winthrop: A Secondary Annotated Bibliography.New York:AMS Press 1999.

A proponent of the Socratic method, I try to lead my students to construct their own knowledge in an environment that encourages curiosity, innovation, and trust.