Published  Fiction

Pilgrim of the Sublime.  Philadelphia: Xlibris Press, 2005.  Available at  My research for this novel took me to the equatorial Andes and various sites visited by Frederic Church in the 19th century on his quest to paint volcanoes and to depict the "sublime." 

John Winthrop: A Secondary Annotated Bibliography. New York: AMSPress, 1999.

Articles in Academic Journals 

"Deforestation in Nineteenth-Century Maine as Recorded by Henry David

Thoreau."  Maine History.  Fall 1997.

Contributing Editor. Bibliography of the Association for the Study of Literature

and the Environment.  Spring 1997.


"Integrating Environmental Education into the Composition Curriculum: A Guide to Resources and Programming."  North Carolina English

Teachers.  Spring 1997.


"Reconciling Marxism and Ecology: Redefining Scarcity."  Democracy & Nature.

Fall 1996. 

Magazine Articles 

Confessions of an Unarmed American.” Brazil Magazine. Oct. 2005

Published Research 

Doctoral Dissertation 

The Rhetoric of Advocacy in American Nature Writing  Dis.University of North, Carolina at Greensboro. Ann Arbor: UMI, 1997.


Unpublished Fiction

Selected Poetry          As the Buddha Lies      

Tell Me You're Not Dreaming  

Top 10% “Long List” round finalist, Fish Publishing, 2006 for "Tell me You're Not Dreaming"