Graded American School (2011-2015) 

IB HL English Instructor. At Graded, I taught IB Language and Literature HL, and Grade 10.  I have also taught L & L Standard Level and Grade 9 English. In addition, I piloted the digital portfolio program at Graded, and I served as faculty advisor to our Global Issues Network chapter.  Other duties included class trip planning and mentoring extended essays. 

Taipei American School  



Department Chair / IB HL English Instructor: Taipei American School. In addition to teaching IB English Literature and Contemporary Writers and Film, I managed a staff of thirteen teachers--coordinating the curriculum, overseeing the budget, conducting classroom observations, and managing a host of related operational duties.  Other duties included founding and organizing the Formosa Film Festival, advising the Original Oratory team, serving on curriculum review committees and steering committees. I also served as advisor the the Japanese Honor Society. 

Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro  



IB Coordinator/English Instructor: Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro. I managed a staff of sixteen teachers, overseeing the IB curriculum and budget. In addition, I was an instructor for IB English A1 HL, Theory of Knowledge, and tenth grade Humanities. I also worked on a number of accreditation committees, serving as lead writer for the English Curriculum Review. In collaboration with the History Department, I designed and implemented the school’s Humanities curriculum for ninth and tenth grades. Other courses I have taught include American Literature, British Literature, 9thand 10th Grade Composition, and Introduction to Drama.

International Baccalaureate

Advanced Placement

IB Language and Literature Workshop, Graded School, Sao Paulo, Mar., 2012. 

IB Coordinator Training Workshop, Vancouver: IB Coordination, Feb. 2004.


IB Instructor Training Workshop, São Paulo: English A1 HL, Theory of Knowledge, Aug. 1999.


IB Instructor Training Workshop, English & TOK, New York, July 1997. 

AP Instructor Training Conference, Singapore, Sept. 2008.

AP Literature and Composition


Jakarta Intercultural School 


IB Theory of Knowledge, IB Film, & English Instructor. At JIS, I am currently teaching TOK, IB Film, and AP Literature. I also serve as faculty advisor for the film festival at JIS. My courses reflect my interest in integrating technology, and I stress the fundamentals of sound critical thinking skills in all my courses.