Conferences and Presentations

Throughout my career, I have placed a priority on professional development. Whenever possible, I enjoy sharing my experience with fellow educators and writers by presenting at conferences and workshops. As an educator, I consider it a responsibility to remain current with best practices and educational trends.  My regular participation in academic conferences reflects that commitment. 

Conference Presenter 

Google Education Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Jennifer Gadsden Carpenter & Geoffrey Carpenter – “Digital Portfolios and the Reflection Process,” Nov.2013.


Innovate 2013: Re-imagining School,  Graded School, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jennifer Gadsden Carpenter & Geoffrey Carpenter– Digital Portfolios from Process to Product, Jan. 2013. 



GIN Conference, Graded School Sao Paulo, Brazil, Conference planners: David Bair, Geoffrey Carpenter, Jennifer Gadsden Carpenter, Caitlin LaFrance, Oct. 2012.


The Paperless Classroom. An in-service at TAS outlining the integration of technological tools at every stage of the writing process, Sept. 2010. 



Pilgrim of the Sublime.  Book Signing: Inklings Books, Yakima, WA, June 2004


Europa: Classical Mythology and Interdisciplinary Education.  Faculty In-Service, Sept., 2002.

Conference Participant

AASSA GIN Conference, Lincoln School, Buenos Aires: Sharing our Planet, Sharing our Humanity, Oct. 2014 


ASB Unplugged Conference, American School of Bombay, India, Mar. 2014, 2012.



GIN Conference, Lima, Peru, FDR American School ,Oct. 2011



Learning 2.008 Conference—Designing Student Film Festivals, Shanghai, Oct. 2006.



Experiential Education Facilitator Training, Teresopolis, Nov. 2006


Experiential Education in the English Curriculum: Faculty In-Service, March 2005


Rubicon Atlas: Curriculum Mapping Software.  Faculty In-Service, February 2005


Desire 2 Learn: The Virtual Classroom Software. Faculty In-Service, August 2004

Presentation LINKS

Digital Portfolio Workshops

Google Education Summit, Rio de Janeiro,“Digital Portfolios and the Reflection Process.

Innovate 2013: Re-imagining School,  Graded School, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Digital Portfolios from Process to Product, Jan. 2013. 


Youtube Link: available on request. 

Video of Geoff presenting an in-service on the paperless classroom.